Team Building

teamworkYou’ve assembled the talent; now you need to get them moving in the same direction. That’s when clarity, trust, communication, and purpose take center stage, tension, conflict, and inefficiency go out the window, and results go through the roof. With a plan in place, we not only help you achieve your goals of creating a powerhouse team, but help your new team surpass their objectives.

By capitalizing on individual and group strengths, addressing obstacles, and synthesizing divergent points of view, we can help you master:

    • Team basics
      What is a team? What kind of team are we? What kind of team do we need to be?
    • Understanding team dynamics
      Who are the members of this team? What are their styles and preferences? How does this affect how well we work together?
    • Team Purpose, Charter, and Goals
      What is our purpose? Goals? What agreements do we need in order to function best?
    • Team Decision-Making
      What tools and methods will we use to consider options and engage team members?
    • Team Rituals and Rewards
      What is in place to make our team a team? To make it personal, fun and celebrate success?
    • Team Communications
      Who will communicate with whom when and about what?
    • Individual Team Member Development
      How will team members develop capabilities and minimize their gap areas?

Our Services

"Our work helped the senior management team become a very deliberate body. Now each other’s roles are understood.  We are a named entity-- an executive team-- not just a collection of people."

Rachel M., VP, Public Health Solutions

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