facilitationThe perfect meeting. The most powerful conference. The most productive retreat. The most effective, group-empowering, thought-provoking, decision-creating, innovation-building, path-finding experience for your team. We make it happen for you by facilitating your event, personalizing all the details to meet and exceed your desired outcomes, and achieving the highest degree of participation in the process.

Success begins well before your event, as we work with you to create a plan that balances process and productivity, playfulness and practicality, the journey and the outcome. We then bring it to life with fresh ideas, groundbreaking tools and techniques, and fun and empowering solutions designed to accomplish such goals as:

    • Taking stock of how things are going
    • Talking through thorny dilemmas
    • Setting a vision or priorities
    • Building trust and cohesion
    • Launching a process like strategic planning.
    • Masterminding options and solutions
    • Collaborating across departments

Our Services

"Linda helped us to keep our eye on the big picture, stay on track and keep making progress against our goals."

R.D., Executive Director, LIRS

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