Development Programs


The Coaching Clinic
Learn the fundamentals of coaching and practice The Coaching Conversation and advanced coaching skills in a highly interactive half-, full-, or two-day program.

Fierce Communications
Discover your communications style and practice communicating with gravitas and prominence to influence others and lead more effectively.

High-Impact Teaming
Get the low-down on how to be or lead a team for maximum impact and performance. Especially recommended for intact teams, but is also effective for any group or group of leaders engaged in team work.

The Leadership Challenge
Drawing on the work of Kouses and Posner in their book The Leadership Challenge, this single program or series introduces you to essential leadership ideas and practices and enables you to create an effective leadership game plan for yourself.

What’s My Style?
Using the powerful tool, DiSC, this program helps you uncover your personal leadership behavioral style preferences and strengths related to decision-making, communicating, pace, and taking risk. You’ll learn about how your style impacts others and how to adapt better to those with different styles. Includes a pre-assessment prior to the workshop.


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"She’s fantastic at reaching her clients where they are and helping them identify the next steps in their progression."   

Terry M., Senior VP Marketing, ATT Wireless

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Leadership Fundamentals - Explore and polish your leadership style, no matter what your level or experience. A perfect foundational experience that covers such fundamentals as:

    • Coaching and Delegating
    • Vision and Strategy
    • Leading Change
    • Innovation
    • Executive Presence
    • Communications and Influence
    • Emotional Intelligence

"I have worked with Linda in workshop/seminar settings, group coaching environments and one-on-one counseling. Linda is very effective whether in large group or individual situations, in person or on the phone in effectively communicating focused messages to help her clients understand the issues, set goals, figure out how to make concrete changes to achieve one's goals and, most importantly, celebrate successes."

Patricia J., CFO, Professional Services Firm

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