About Us

At the forefront of every successful organization, every division, department, or team, are leaders. Those with the vision, the ability to engage, focus, rally, and thrive no matter what comes their way. 

The big surprise? Most weren’t born leaders; they learned the skills over time on the job. And so can you.

The fact is, many leaders and executives find themselves in vital roles with little prior experience, low confidence, and an insufficient skillset, leaving them at risk to falter or fail.

Since 1993, Coach Change LLC has worked with executives, teams, and organizations in all industries — locally in New Jersey and across the nation — to develop the vision, strategy, and leadership and teamwork skills to create career-changing, capability-growing, corporate culture-transforming results. 


The best move of your career.

If you’re passionate about what you do, lead an organization, have a big agenda, and are looking for support from a seasoned coach who can serve as a thought partner, leadership guide, trusted advisor and confidante, connecting with Coach Change will be the best move of your career. 

Experience that unsurpassed feeling that comes from leading others to success, knowing you are masterful at what you do and revered and recognized for your talents, and taking your career to new heights of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Ready? We sure are. 


"I always know my coach is on my side and I’ve come to rely more fully on the power of my own choices and instincts."

Sharon T., VP & Marketing Executive in the Spa Industry

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As a boutique coaching and consulting practice, Coach Change customizes everything to your unique challenges and budget using the latest methodologies and our signature infusion of experience, innovation, and humor.






We help leaders:

    • Achieve clarity in strategic vision and direction
    • Take action with greater focus and discipline
    • Become masterful in connecting and communicating with others
    • On-board and engage stakeholders at all levels
    • Consider and manage organizational complexity
    • Address issues and obstacles derailing success
    • Transition to new roles with increasing confidence
    • Reach personal goals while maintaining high level professional performance