"Linda is very approachable, forthcoming about herself and uses humor to tell a good story to relate to “aha” moments in each person."

Diane N., Senior VP, HR, Transfield Services


"She’s fantastic at reaching her clients where they are and helping them identify the next logical steps in their progression."

Terry M., Sr VP Marketing, ATT Wireless


"She is flexible by life cycle of the organization—including her budget. And she passes on the learning to the person—teaching her to fish and looking at the whole picture."

Jane R., Executive Director, International Women’s Media Foundation


"Linda is a generous thought partner and an insightful listener. With straight talk and great humor she has helped me find focus and has guided me to ask for the promotion and seat at the table that I wanted and get it!"

Mike R., Sr. Executive, Office of the Controller of Currency

"Linda is not only a superb executive coach but also a wise mentor, a caring counselor and personal cheerleader. She provides no-nonsense guidance coupled with a sympathetic ear, a sensitive touch and a fun-loving style."

Pat K., CFO, Professional Services Company

"Linda’s insights and vast experience with life and work issues gave me a firm sounding board for my concerns. She was there to put things in perspective in a way that I was too close to see."

Sharon T., VP and Marketing Executive, Spa Industry


“I still love working here– am very happy and feel like I’ve found my footing. The job is very challenging – keeps me engaged - which I like and need…I really believe my work with you allowed me to find this – and I remain grateful."

Kathy G., VP for Programs, Good Shepherd Services


"With you your help I feel that I have moved mountains and hurdled over obstacles. From you I have learned the power of creating clear goals so that they can manifest."
Kathleen T., Consultant


"Through our work together, my facilitation skills have improved and I felt really good about how I was able to create not only an intellectual product, but passion and enthusiasm on the part of colleagues for this big new project. Thanks, Linda, for being my coach and getting me here!"

Annie W., Chief Operating Officer, Lutheran World Relief


"Linda has a great message and a keen sense of humor. I’ll always know she’s on my side and I’ve come to rely more fully on the power of my own choices and instincts."
Sharon T., VP & Marketing Executive in the Spa industry

“Thank you so much for an amazing week. Yesterday's session was incredible. It brought everything together and forced me to re-evaluate all of the areas of my leadership and life that need work. I see a path now!”
David F., Director, Morgan Stanley

"Thank you for your fine coaching. It is not only inspirational and generous, but uniquely fruitful. I greatly appreciate your guidance on this current adventure of mine!"
Hans, Director, Marketing, Citibank


"Linda always provides important context to help in understanding issues from various perspectives. This type of structure helps to break down seemingly impossible situations into manageable next steps."

C. Born, COO, Minnesota International Center


“Linda’s effectiveness as a coach? An 11 on a 10 point scale.”

John G., Director, Citigroup

"I'm sure you'll be glad to hear I was promoted to Senior Director. Thank you so much for your part in it - wouldn't have happened without you."

Mike J., Senior Director, Pfizer

“With coaching, I now feel I can lead my team more effectively. Before I was stuck in the role of monitor and team “checker”. Now, I am able to let the team hold themselves accountable to the standards I set, empowering them to grow and develop their own teams.”

Judi V., Executive Director, HIV Care Services


"Personally and a professionally, I attribute Linda Hall’s coaching help to be a source of inspiration and profound change for me and my team."
Terry M., Sr. VP Marketing, ATT Wireless


"Professionally, I gained a better perspective of my responsibilities, reenergizing my approach to work and to my life. Coaching has provided a “breakthrough,” more than I would have hoped for.”

Matt W., Director, CISCO