Organizational development and staff assessment

Consult-CS 000029746724SmallGoal
To help an executive and her senior team assess the well-being of the staff and uncover and address underlying organizational issues.

After a long period of rapid growth and change, a senior team was struggling with its own teamwork as well as low staff morale. In order to move forward in a positive way with any necessary changes or programs, management needed intelligence about the situation, feedback from employees, and clearly identified issues to address.

Plan of Action
Based on expressed goals, we created a dynamic plan that enabled the senior to:

    • Gather feedback on what is working and not working organizationally 
    • Get the staff’s perspectives on the strengths and gaps of the CEO and senior team
    • Shift the senior team’s focus to leading the overall organization instead of just their own departments

To achieve these goals, we helped craft better communications and staff engagement processes; surveyed key players and staff at all levels and reviewed the results with the senior team; and initiated meaningful dialog among executives to interpret and prioritize the results and recommendations.

After sobering feedback from staff, the senior team and executive director shifted management style to focus more on connecting with employees. The executive team also adopted a more open policy of communication and feedback among each other, which dramatically improved organization-wide decision-making and success. Staff at all levels had a newfound sense of pride and ownership that improved teamwork, created opportunities for celebrating their victories, and subsequently raised morale.

Case Studies

"Linda has coached me, using our weekly one-hour phone meetings as the primary forum, as I have led system changes that have enabled us to survive and thrive."

Jane R., Executive Director, Central Pennsylvania Legal Services

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