Executive Coaching

Senior leader in a large organization


To develop the skills to tame emotions, think before speaking, and communicate more collaboratively.

An otherwise savvy senior executive let her emotions dominate through quick anger, condescending tones, and opinionated exchanges. She gained a reputation for being a loose cannon and a poor collaborator, affecting her leadership effectiveness.

Plan of Action
We created a strategic plan to help her:

    • Develop her ability to recognize emotional triggers 
    • Adopt tools for listening and synthesizing when opinions differ
    • Rebuild trust where broken
    • Focus more on others

In gathering the information necessary to take the most effective steps, we planned to use a 360 feedback process to gain insight into how others perceived her; an Emotional Intelligence assessment to uncover her triggers and patterns; peer-to-peer problem-solving to identify relevant solutions; and exercises and skill-building to help her achieve her goals.

The 360 feedback process showed that she was esteemed among employees except in this primary area. The EI assessment further identified the triggers and patterns contributing to this issue. By pinpointing and mastering these areas, she was able to repair and build trust, improve honest communications with peers, and initiate problem-solving when differences came up. After learning new skills in remaining calm, listening, and synthesizing divergent points of view in new ways, she became a much more powerful, positive force in meetings. She better understands when to stand firm, what to take offline, and how to ensure the company gets what it needs to succeed. She is now invited to meetings as an astute strategist and facilitator and is able to make each situation win-win. A year after our work together, she was promoted to executive director.

Case Studies

"Linda is very personal and collegial, like talking to a friend.  But she will challenge, push back, and be provocative  and will declare that this is what  she is doing."

Geoff S., Sr. PrincipalGSW Strategies

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