Executive Coaching



Your position at the top means everyone is looking to a single point for leadership, guidance, and wisdom. But where can executives go for advice or counsel, to explore different hats, brainstorm new ideas, or build new skills while still maintaining professionalism and an air of leadership? That’s precisely what executive coaching at Coach Change is all about. A safe, nurturing, and private forum for developing strengths and skillsets in real-time while on the job.

How we target your goals.

Like a personal trainer, we help you set objectives in 2-3 key areas; create a reasonable timeline; and benchmark everything so that you can clearly see your progress. Along the way, we talk through ideas, questions, and options; build your skills and capabilities; and maximize your leadership effectiveness in every possible way. So you no longer feel like a dart board, but rather a conduit for a higher-performing career and organization.


Our Services

"Professionally, I gained a better perspective of my responsibilities, reenergizing my approach to work and to my life. Coaching has provided a “breakthrough,” more than I would have hoped for.”

Matt W., Director, CISCO

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Your coach is a safe sounding board, guide, thought partner and objective perspective to help you enhance your ability to:

    • Articulate and expand your vision
    • Polish how you come across
    • Explore your ideas at the inkling stage
    • Prepare for important meetings or speeches
    • Tackle immediate, sensitive personnel dilemmas
    • Align and motivate a team or peers
    • Manage up
    • Traverse and influence internal politics

"She pushed me and saw me through a promotion when I didn’t see myself as the leader my job demands."

Rachel M., VP, Public Health Solutions

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