Team Building

Large telecommunications company marketing team


TeamCS 000023131629Goal

Help a VP align a recently merged team to meet profitability goals and influence product strategy.

This silo’d marketing team operated in a high-speed, high-demand telecommunications company and struggled with a continuously changing market landscape and a “fire drill” approach from company leaders. They needed help adopting a common vision, getting in front of their work, and shifting their focus from operations to strategy with less dependence on the VP to orchestrate efforts.

Plan of Action
Our plan was designed to help this company:

    • Develop a high-impact team operating “in the zone” with a shared vision 
    • Master group problem-solving and decision-making
    • Nurture more concern about each other’s success
    • Manage up to influence the company’s strategic direction
    • Reduce reliance on the VP, freeing her up to focus on big picture management

To accomplish our goals, we began with individual and team 360 feedback and held a summit to review the results and create a game plan. This eventual plan included a series of mini retreats over six months to introduce new tools, practice new skills and methods, and integrate the new strategies into the current projects in real-time. We also included three months of executive coaching for each team member to further develop the necessary skills.

After six months, with much more clarity about its purpose, goals, strategy, and work processes, the group jelled as a highly functional team. Their confidence sky-rocketed as it was consistently able to deliver bottom line results at a sustainable pace. They were committed to sharing leadership and being a good “thinking and action planning machine.“ The VP was finally free to focus on influencing company direction and was promoted to the executive team. Yet one more instance we exceeded expectations by doubling the desired results in half the time.

Case Studies

“With coaching, I now feel I can lead my team more effectively.  Before I was stuck in the role of monitor and team “checker”.   Now, I am able to let the team hold themselves accountable to the standards I set, empowering them to grow and develop their own teams.”  

Judi V., Executive Director, HIV Care Services

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